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Dusherra 2019 “Everyone loved your dancing, so colourful and fun”
Leith Festival 2018 “What amazing costumes and such fun dancing” Aziz
Art in the Park 2018

Thank you so much again for a wonderful and colourful performance, we love having you. Lorraine

North Queensferry 2018 “I loved to see the power of the big troupe” Kath
Art in the Park 2016….”every year, the music choice is inspired! Love to see you all perform – so unusual but also such a tradition at AitP! Thank you Twisted Tails!” Lorraine
Identity Show, Edinburgh Festival 2016. “The finale  was brilliant.” Ailsa
Beautiful Wedding August 2016. “Loved you girls xx Fabulous xx Thank you xx Om Shanti.” Zaria
Dusherra 2015. “We loved your performance…your dance was amazing…I loved your dancing, so colourful…my favourite! ”    Audience
Ballantrae Festival 2015. “You ladies were fantastic…so colourful.” Sharon
Holistic Ways Festival Edinburgh 2015. “It was wonderful having you with us and I am so looking forward to the next time.” Adrian
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A World of Dance show 2014. “I was really impressed by the opening number…the intro from Twisted Tails gave me goosebumps, it was so beautifully put together and danced, and very moving.” Audience
Art in the Park 2014. “The costume is gorgeous and I loved your dancing.” AitP
North Queensferry Hafla 2014. “That dance was fantastic and so much fun.” F
Little Theatre, Dundee, 2014. “Twisted Tails were fabulous – I just loved your dancing.” Liz
sword briar faces
Bellydance Scotland Theatre Show. 2013. “I loved the drama and storytelling of your show.” Linda
Dusherra 2012. “Thanks for the great performance by Twisted Tails again this year. It was great to have you perform for us and the crowd enjoyed your performance.” Karthik
Tribal Pura Stage Show Edinburgh. You looked great on stage and did Scotland proud…this was such a great opening set with a fabulous show to follow!…you looked seriously good and I loved the build up of different groups of dancers coming in…Amazing energy… I had goosebumps during your opening number… ”   audience
Art in the Park 2012. “I think you most definitely had the biggest crowd ever this year…it was a wonderful sight…both the great dancing and seeing how you had the crowd in the palm of your hands, really really fantastic.”   Lorraine.
Festival of Spirituality and Peace Edinburgh 2012. “Thank you so much for your dancing yesterday! Amongst the many fantastic comments I heard …you were beautiful, colourful, strong, mesmerising, calming to watch and you captured the complete attention of my friends two year old – who is now your youngest fan. It was a total pleasure having you there, thank you! x ” Bobby
Castle Street Stage Big Dance Edinburgh. 2012. “The group sword dance to Sweet Dreams was breathtaking – so much power in that.” Kate
Opening the Meadows Festival 2012. “Thank you for kicking off the performance area with such glamour and panache! As ever, Twisted Tails were fabulous and I hope you’ll come back next time.” Liz
Dumfries Ceilidh 2012. “It was a brilliant show which was enjoyed by all and it certainly enhanced the evening considerably…thanks for a stunning performance.” Dumfries Lions Club
Dusherra 2011 On top of Calton Hill Edinburgh. “Gals, thanks for posing :)… performance was awesome today!” Jaggi
Art in the Park 2011. “we loved your performance at last year’s Art in the Park and hope that you will perform again this year…and wanted to give you the grand finale…seems like a fitting way to close the performance area – with a crowd pleaser and firm favourite” Lorraine

Photocamp 2010. “Had a fab day at Edinburgh Photocamp Sunday, Twisted Tails were the stars  of the day!” Linda

bow arms
NQ hafla 2011. “You were awesome at North Queensferry…it was wonderful to see a whole troupe with sword, so in tune with each other and so beautifully be-costumed! Looking forward to teh next time! xxx” Annette
Wedding 2011. “Amazing night – you were all great, very impressive :)…thank you for making our night so special.” Garry and Kerrie-Jean
Awaken Nightclub 2011

And we are so excited that you Beauties are going to grace us with your wild dancing magic!…….It was lovely to meet you Saturday night and you ladies were fabulous!!!! Thank you for sharing your dancing delights with us at Awaken……These Goddesses were awesome…I was totally captivated!……..You were stunning and mesmerising. Felt so honoured to have you and hope you will be tempted back for more!……..Thank you so much –  you were really amazing – people loved it! xx……Thank you so much for bring your energy into the club and making the night even more soooo, you were amazing x

Awaken Nightclubbers