Swords add a dramatic and dangerous element to the dance. Dancing with a sword illustrates the strength and power of a woman, as well as her poise and balance. It is used to show off the curves of a woman’s body and create interesting angles.

Dancing with swords is an ancient skill in North-Africa and in particular, Bedouin dancers of the Sahara danced with swords. Some tribes had sword dancers at their wedding to bring good luck. A few paintings and engravings of the18th century French artist Jean-Léon Gérôme show sword dancers balancing a sabre on their head.

Jean-Leon Gerome – Sabre Dance in a Cafe – 1876

Sword can be both fast and slow. Bryar is an expert with sword and can balance several at once. She is renowned for her dramatic solo sword routines and has the most impressive spins and back bends. Twisted Tails like the drama and  shapes made with the sword and always balance their swords with no trickery!

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