Susan Tonner
Director and Teacher

Susan has been obsessed with Arabic dance since 1991, studying, teaching and performing raqs sharqi. In 2003 she became hooked on tribal style belly dance.  She was one of the four original members of Gypsy Fire, Scotland’s first tribal belly dance troupe. Susan has now found her perfect dance form in FatChance®Style.   In 2011 she gained her certificates in general skills and teacher training from Carolena Nerricio of FCBD®  and is a registered FatChance®Style belly dance  sister studio. She continues her training in FCBD® attending and organising workshops and intensives throughout the year.  As well as FCBD®  Susan also teaches tribal choreography, finger cymbals,  sword, skirt, fan veils, basket, candle  tambourine and double veil.

Dancing with other women in such a total feeling of trust and support cannot be equalled anywhere else. To me, this dance brings all sorts of personalities together to co-operate, share the fun, help each other, cover mistakes, allows you to shine and blossom, to truly experience a sense of belonging. What other type of dance troupe has women all ages, all shapes, mothers and daughters, professionals from scientists to designers and a dancer who has lost her hearing. It is a dance for all women. The friendship bonds built through this type of dance have been unique and special to me. It makes no sense to read such things… you have to dance the dance ……


Assistant Director

Loli has been interested in dance all of her life and has experience in a variety of styles from traditional Scottish country dance to west coast swing. Her real passion however is belly dancing. She started Egyptian belly dance with Hilary Thacker in 2002, continues with Elsepthswishandhips and added  tribal style to her repertoire in 2007.  She is an original member of Twisted Tails from its formation in 2010.

She is passionate about her involvement with Twisted Tails and loves the energy and vibrancy of performing in a dance troupe. For Loli the whole experience is important; from the vivid and flamboyant costumes, the strong and powerful group identity and the opportunity to express herself through dance all contribute to her obvious enjoyment and commitment to tribal dance.



Wendy’s first introduction to belly dance was watching a solo dancer who came to perform at her high school James Gillespies. She instantly fell in love with the movements. Wendy had been studying various forms of dance including ballet, tap, modern and highland, but this was something new and different that fascinated her. In 2005 she began belly dancing with Hillary Thacker and since then she has studied with various teachers from all over the world. Some years ago she switched from Egyptian style to Tribal style, deciding the costuming and whole feel of this style suited her personality more. She began studying Tribal under Lesley Skeates and continues with Susan Tonner.



Jackie has been dancing tribal style belly dance since 2008.  Jackie loves ATS®, attended Tribal Pura and has completed intensive training workshops with Devi Mamak, Kristine Adams and Kelley Beeston.  Jackie is a powerful and regal dancer.



Liz began her love of belly dance in 2001, learning and performing traditional Egyptian style belly dance. She was a member of Bahira for a number of years before going over to the “dark side” to join Elaine Hughes  classes in Dundee. Liz is a long standing member and regular performer with dance troupe Tribal Storm and they perform throughout central Scotland. As well as attending Tribal Pura, Liz has completed intensive training workshops with Devi Mamak, Kristine Adams and Kelley Beeston and is dedicated to learning all she can about FCBD®. She also joined Susan’s tribal classes in Edinburgh in 2013 and is now also a member of Twisted Tails. Liz has a long background in, and love for, theatre and dance and is skilled at many aspects of stagecraft. Alongside husband Eric, they are a couple who organise all the technical aspects of bellydance shows. Liz is a dancer full of energy and charisma. Liz recently completed her General Skills and Teacher Training in FCBD® in2022. 


Nick  – Stick Dancer

Nick originally took up traditional Egyptian style  belly dance until he moved to tribal in 2013. He has studied with both Wendy and Susan and has been performing stick  in the troupe since 2015. He is a legend with Saiidi stick and has an expressive dance persona.