The most obvious sight when first seeing a tribal dancer is the fantastic costume they wear.

An ATS® costume is made up of the following  elements:

  • Headdress/head adornment/hair garden
  • Choli type top
  • Pantaloons
  • Full skirt
  • Hip belt and hip wrap
  • Coin /adorned bra top

Tribal style costuming is an amalgamation of different costume styles and elements from the Middle East, Spain, India, Afghanistan and gypsy cultures.

Tribal costume is elaborate and made up of many pieces, using several layers of fabric and antique jewellery and uses natural, ethnic fabrics.

Fabrics commonly used are velvet, satin, silk, cotton, wool, lace, Indian sari, shisha, assuit, tassels, shells and beads.  The colours are primary, earthy, bright and bold.

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A dancer will build up her own unique wardrobe of costume parts that don’t match.  Instead,  individual pieces are collected and mixed and matched to give many looks and options.  Many pieces of jewellery and fabric are antique and need not be in perfect condition.

Each dancer has an individual costume look whilst still maintaining her troupe’s overall identity.